How my POOR mentality was changed

My Personal Encounter with the Truly Rich Club

First I can firmly say that the Lord works in our lives with a purpose not by mere accidents..

I grew up in a poor family. Money is hard to get by. When I was in college, my older sister, who was at that time working in P & G, financed my studies, I really studied hard just to get scholarships so as not to be a burden to her. I sure got scholarships but the miscellaneous fees (including expensive laboratory fees) really took a great toll on my sister’s shoulders. I viewed money as something very hard to get. Sub-conciously, I felt I don’t deserve to receive much money as I found it hard to give especially when you work hard for it. I was afraid of working very hard after finishing school only to hand most of my salary over to my mom. I thought my mom was not good in handling money and giving most of my salary to her was something I avoided. I just gave her a portion of what I received and I pampered myself with nice clothes, shoes, cellphone, eating food I’ve never eaten before, weekly visits to the theaters with my boyfriend, etc. I literally lived from paycheck to paycheck.

My mom died 10 months after I gave birth. We discovered that she saved more than enough of what she received from her SSS pension and money which came from my siblings. We didn’t spend any single centavo for her hospital bills, funeral and burial. It was a painful time and I felt I was not able to give my mom my best.

I fought my depression over her death by being workaholic and exploring new things. Since giving birth to my son, I resigned from my job and I assumed a home-based job. I would find myself working even in the wee hours in the morning..I got hooked to makeups. I explored different products purchasing from different brands. I found myself buying beauty products I could not use everyday as I am only working at home. Until, my fears and insecurities set in. I fear that my son would grow up poor as we were before and I felt insecure that I left my work and now just staying at home.

I wanted to grow our money to combat my fears and insecurities. I wanted to learn about mutual funds or treasury bills. I searched in Google to get more information. I ended up reading about the Truly Rich Club. I was not the type of person who could easily be swayed with investment marketing. But, I thought things coming from Bo Sanchez, whom I’ve known to be a respectable and honorable man, I might as well give it a try. I read his free ebook, My Maid Invests In the Stock Market and Why You Should too. (To get his free ebook, click Here) I discovered things about investing in the Stock Market by opening an online account through a broker (COL Financial). I wanted to learn more and so I continued my search. I chanced upon J3 Patino’s 5 video clips (To view his 5 training videos, Click here) and I learned how the stock market works, how to open an account with COL Financial and how the Truly Rich Club can help me with my first steps in investing in the Stock Market. I got so thrilled, I asked my husband to pay for my membership fee through BDO. When I got the payment slip, I took a picture of it and sent it to the Truly Rich Club. After a few days, I received my username and password and I got a full access on their website. I also asked my husband to open a joint account with COL Financial (To learn how to open an account with COL Financial, click Here). I was so excited to buy my first shares from companies recommended by the Truly Rich Club. I tried to read all the past stocks updates and wealth strategies from the Truly Rich Club’s website just to catch up. I also listened to all the power talks. I felt a new vast of knowledge came rushing to me. I even felt should have I discovered these things earlier in my life, I should have saved myself from being broke, from being a lax spender but not so much of a giver. I’ve realized that no matter how big a person gets to earn, he wouldn’t be able to accumulate more if his psychological wallet is not clear to him. There would always be a tendency to be overly-thrifty — not willing to share to others or sabotaging our financial success by spending all the money we have and giving it all away.

Through the Truly Rich Club, I’ve learned to discover my psychological wallet. In order to be successful with investing into anything, it should be clear why you’re investing in the first place. I wanted to achieve financial independence so that time will come, I don’t have to work for money, money will work hard for me. I can do things I truly want to do and that I may be able to help other people in need.

I’ve learned how to assume a job I really love so I will not feel like working. If  I’m happy with what I’m doing, money will surely follow.

I’ve learned how to invest on myself — on my skills to attract more money. Making money is all about being a solution to other people’s problems/needs. If your set of skills is what other people needs, they are willing to pay for your services.

I’ve learned how to simplify my life to have more money to invest. I no longer buy things I don’t need like more makeup that would just end up in my drawer collecting dusts. I would rather allot the extra money buying shares of stocks which are like golden eggs ready to hatch for more chickens capable of laying more eggs. I want to share with you how my husband and I have learned how to be wise spenders. My husband now makes “baon” at work. We only go to malls twice a month or every payday. We eat at restaurants that offer delicious food but not so expensive. I buy healthy foods that are less expensive but would also make us more healthy.

I’ve learned that growing your money is not all about saving. One should learn how to enjoy too just not to make the process tedious and boring. We allocate some money for leisure. We would go to a hotel every once in a while to pamper ourselves. We don’t want to die saving all our lives and haven’t enjoyed anything 🙂 We are still eating delicious food every weekend. It’s funny how I can now buy expensive things that I can’t afford when I have my full-time job. I’ve learned it’s all about learning how to make proper apportioning. In our case, all my husband’s salary goes to pay for all our needs, electricity, water, cable, internet connection, food, our baby’s milk and diaper, eating out and his allowance. My salary from my home-based job all goes to saving/investment and my allowance.

I feel very happy that I’ve learned all these things through the Truly Rich Club. I am also confident that their recommended list of companies are wise choices. I don’t feel alarmed when my portfolio turns red, I have faith that I get to receive sound advice from the Truly Rich Club. I do not lean on to them 100% though. I also do my homework. I’ve learned how to read more ebooks about financial literacy. I am now learning how to read charts — learning about technical analysis. But I am confident that while I am learning, my stock choices are superb and will bring me money for our financial freedom someday.

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