Investing in the Stock Market — A newbie perspective

Investing in the Stock Market -- A newbie perspective

Last year, around November and December, I decided to buy stocks from companies recommended by the Truly Rich Club. I was seeing bloody red in my portfolio but Bo Sanchez assured us that it was the best time to accumulate shares in the Stock Market. From PSEI 5800 to 6300, I can now see almost 18% gain in a single stock. Almost 3% gain in my entire portfolio and that is only for a period of less than 4 months. If only a lot of Filipinos know this secret, there should be a lot more Filipinos building their tower of wealth. I’ve been saving for many years now and keeping my money in a regular savings account in the bank. It took years for an interest to reach a hundred pesos for a 100,000 pesos. I’m so glad that I discovered how I could grow my money in the stock market. I found a money machine…You too can grow your money. Join the Truly Rich Club to accompany you in this amazing journey of building your tower of wealth. I am one satisfied member here 🙂

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